Back and Forth….

Posted on April 5, 2019 | 0 comments

One of the worst things about a break up is the uncertainty and the hope that you feel about whether you can work things out and maybe get back together.

The constant uncertainty gives control to the other person and gives them power over to you that keeps you in a limbo state for as long as they want,  and if you’ve been together a long time then there is uncertainty on their part as well,  they like to keep you dangling so you can be a plan b just in case things don’t work out…

The truth is,  as long as you stay in this powerless limbo state,  the longer it will be until you stay to heal and then move forward.

It is essential you take back control and make decisions about your future for yourself,  not leave it up to anyone else to decide.  If your partner has decided they want to be with someone else, decide right now that actually, you don’t want them back if they’ve cheated on you. If your partner has said they no longer love, make the decision yourself that that’s it, you refuse to be with someone that doesn’t not love you like you love them, refuse to lower your standards, you are better than that and when you make your own decisions about the future it takes away the limbo and gives you confidence and empowers you.

Whenever you have thoughts that begin with the word maybe you are denying the truth…. do you think to yourself

Maybe they still love me, maybe they will come back,  maybe they will love me again, maybe they’ll realise they still want to be with me,  maybe it’s just a phase…

Anything that starts with maybe is denial…

Get back control over your own destiny,  make the decisions for yourself and start your recovery…..

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