The only way to get over someone and move on is to stop looking backwards…

Posted on July 4, 2019 | 1 comment

You can’t get over someone and move on if you are constantly looking back at the relationship that didn’t work out. The worst message I receive from women, the most heart-breaking ones are the ones from women that broke up with their ex 3, 5 or even 10 years ago and they are still utterly heartbroken and miserable – this breaks MY heart because I do not believe a single man on this earth is worth being miserable for, for that long, seriously, no one on this planet is worth that many tears… the men in question have probably completely moved on with their life and its all in the past and these women are still living in the past.

You CANNOT get on with your life by constantly going over the relationship in minute detail, dissecting the relationship piece by piece will serve no purpose at all, you will NEVER find the answers you are looking for and whilst you are looking for the reasons it all went wrong you are missing out on YOUR life…

The sooner you start focusing on YOUR future and YOUR life ahead then the sooner you will get over your ex, fill your diary with things you like doing, people you like to socialise with and places you want to go, get that diary jam packed because the more you have planned to do the less you will feel lonely and the faster you will move on.

Remember the things you enjoyed doing as a child? Start doing them again. When I found myself ALONE WHEN MY EX LEFT I remembered that I used to love drawing and painting, I joined an art class and made friends and when I needed something to do I found a lovely scene somewhere and sat and painted, the time spent just focusing on what I was doing and doing something for myself that I’d not done for years was heavenly.

Plan trips and days out, have you ever noticed when you go to the beach or museum how many people there are there that are on their own and single? No? You haven’t noticed? Well that’s because no one else has noticed either because NO ONE cares! We all think we go about with a neon sign over our head that says we’re on our own, and there’s plenty of couples at these places looking at you on your own enjoying yourself and their wishing they had gone by themselves…

Rediscover who you are, what you enjoy and what makes you THRIVE…and do more of it!



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  1. Yo claire. Well…it was 10 yrs to the day on 8th may this year that me and my ex Ben split. I always said that if I never found love again it wouldn’t matter because I could never better what we had. Our lives evolved around music, especially Tom Baxter, he played at cambridge this year and I talked Georgia into coming with me. I didn’t realise until we were there that it was actually 10 years to the day that we had split. For me and Georgia there were lots of tears, she recognised a lot of the songs I had listened and kind of understood how powerful my feelings were. She made me meet him at the end and i thanked him for giving me some closure. I told Georgia on the way home that he gave me a sign that I had to move on. Life is not for living alone, it’s not really natural to be alone so much…so I promised her I would make the effort. That was a Couple of months ago and I have fallen into my old rut and done nothing but reading this has reminded me of that promise that I need to move on. Thank you claire x

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